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    Sydney Lawyer Makes $150k Profit on Queensland Apartment in Just One Year

    Sarah is a lawyer living in Sydney, and is well on her way to a successful investment property portfolio.


    She stumbled across Freedom Property Investors back in 2021, after scouring the internet for content on investing, having previously bought her first property and wanting to invest further.


    She signed up to a seminar with Freedom, and booked in for an initial consultation. Not long after, she’d paid a deposit and her first property with Freedom was under construction.


    It was an apartment in Albany Creek in Queensland. Sarah said she had never considered the concept of buying interstate prior to her journey with Freedom, because she felt too inexperienced and thought it to be a risk.


    But it proved to be a good decision.


    Because Sarah’s investment property grew $150,000 in value in the first year.


    “I purchased it for $521,000. We actually reevaluated it recently just to consider where we stood.


    And it actually valued at 670,000. I was completely blown away. I didn’t think it was real.


    “That’s about $150,000 of growth within a year,” said Sarah.


    Albany Creek is a suburb in Brisbane’s northern region, where median apartment sale prices have grown 16.73 percent in the past 12 months alone.


    It’s a mere 15 km from Brisbane, and is demographically made up of mostly families, with 53 percent of households being couples with children. 


    Albany Creek is a catchment area for three different state schools, including a high school, and is home to an additional two private schools. That gives families four primary schools to choose from.


    It’s also a short 25 minute drive from Brisbane airport, the Australian Catholic University, and multiple hospitals and medical centres.


    These are all factors that allowed data analysts at Freedom to predict such strong growth.


    Sarah admittedly hadn’t considered this type of investment property before her discussions with a Freedom property strategist.


    Not only had the concept of interstate investing evaded Sarah entirely prior to her Freedom journey, but she also hadn’t considered purchasing a new build either.


    She put this down to her buying capacity.


    Sarah had previously spoken to banks about an investment loan, but because she was a single working professional, she was often knocked back due to a solo income.


    “I honestly never considered a new build, primarily because I didn’t think it was within my price range. Being a single professional woman, it wasn’t something that I considered. 


    “Everytime I went to the bank and considered what was in my price range they just said “no”.

    “It’s not something I thought was even possible,” said Sarah.


    But Freedom’s team was able to get Sarah’s finance across the line. And she purchased her first Freedom property off the plan.


    And then it wasn’t long before the property was generating income.


    “When I bought it, the build hadn’t started yet. So it was from the ground up. When we settled, the property was at the completion stage, ready for tenants. 


    “At completion, Freedom was already putting me in contact with the strata managers there. At the time of settlement I already had a tenant lined up ready to move in,” said Sarah.


    Sarah, a self confessed sceptic, said that her positive experience with Freedom has driven her to continue her property investing career.


    “I’ve had no issues with Freedom, and like I said I’m a really sceptical person so I’m just waiting for the pin to drop, or waiting for the ‘this is it, you can’t go any further’.


    “But I’ve recently put a deposit down on my next property,” said Sarah.


    Sarah’s next property is a new build in Melbourne, and due to personal finances, she required something with a longer settlement time. So the team was able to find a development that gave her 18 months of lead time to settlement.


    Sarah is well on her way to building a successful investment property portfolio, and she has some advice for prospective investors.


    “I’d say if you’re on the fence, definitely go in for the initial consult strategy session and ask all the questions. They were absolutely fantastic, they answered all my questions, gave me all the information and the data. 


    “All I can say is that Freedom, you know what you’re doing. And you back it up with the information,” said Sarah.


    If you’re on the fence, like Sarah initially was, but you’d like the same opportunity to secure your financial future, head to to book a strategy session.