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    Canberra Property Investment: $170k Appreciation in 2 Years

    Andrea and Nemanja weren’t even 30 years old when they began their property investment journey, purchasing their first two properties within two years of each other. 


    Nemanja was working as a chef, and the pair were looking to buy their first home after accumulating some savings. 


    They purchased their first apartment in Brisbane, facilitated by Freedom Property Investors, and then two years later bought an apartment off the plan in Canberra.


    Buying two apartments within a mere two years of each other sounds like success in itself, but the real triumph came when their second investment property appreciated by $170,000 over the short time it took to be completed.


    This resulted in Andrea and Nemanja getting a refund of their initial deposit.


    “We bought our property in 2021 for $450,000 and it went up $170,000 in value. It came back with a valuation of $620,000 in 2023, after two years.”


    “We paid 5 percent in advance, which was around $20,000 at the time, but by the end of the settlement we were supposed to pay the other 5 percent and all the other costs like stamp duty and everything.


    “But because the property went up so much in value, we actually got back our 5 percent that we paid, so we got our $20,000 back. And we didn’t have to pay any additional money for stamp duty.


    “We also had 80 percent of the loan so we didn’t have to pay lenders mortgage insurance,” said Andrea.


    Andrea and Nemanja’s is a success story of hard work paying off. 


    But it wasn’t exactly a no-brainer for the pair. They were initially sceptical of investing in a newly built apartment, as they’d heard myths on property investment. But they took a leap of faith, and it paid off, handsomely.


    “We were doing a lot of research online and everyone said that the price of apartments doesn’t go up and that was a bit concerning. And then when the valuation came back, we were shocked, honestly, like we really did not expect it. That was a very pleasant surprise,” said Nemanja.


    They put their success down to the help and advice from their Freedom team, crediting their strategist for not only his knowledge but also his service.


    “Our investment with Freedom was very smooth, especially with Jake on side. He was super helpful. It didn’t matter what time of the day it was, we would send him an email and he would reply within five minutes. 


    “He was our number one person to go to. With him it was super smooth. Any questions we had, any issues we had, we would give him a phone call.


    “For example, when we were talking to the bank, he knew more about loans than the bank manager inside the bank,” said Nemanja.


    “He was telling us what to do, how to set up the loan, and was super helpful.”


    Being first home buyers, the purchasing journey could have been a daunting one, but Nemanja and Andrea were confident, armed with information and an understanding that Jake, their strategist, imparted on them.


    He explained the often misunderstood concepts of asset appreciation, valuations and interest paid on loans.


    Without action, nothing happens


    Now with $270,000 of equity up their sleeves, Nemanja and Andrea intend on continuing their property investment journey with Freedom, and they would encourage others to do the same.


    “The best thing about Freedom is that they already have a structure in place and they’re going to make you move, because if you sit around and you don’t do research and don’t take action, nothing happens. 


    “But with Freedom, contact them and they’ll take action for you. You just need to be there. They’ll explain, take you through the process and they’ll take action for you,” said Nemanja.

    “It’s so much easier to take action, and start working on your future.”


    If you’re on the fence, like Nemanja and Andrea initially were, but you’d like the same opportunity to secure your financial future, head

    to to book a strategy session.