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    How Investing in Real Estate Transformed the Lives of a Middle-Aged Couple

    Investing in property is often seen as the domain of the wealthy.


    Except it’s not. 


    There are countless stories of people who have dragged themselves out of poor financial situations thanks to real estate. 


    One of these stories is a middle-aged couple from Langwarrin. 


    They were going through a hard time financially and wanted to get back on their feet and turn their fortunes around. 


    However, it wasn’t easy. 


    Money was tight, and all their money seemed to be disappearing to look after their 3 children, one of whom is a special needs child. 


    And at 53, he knew he was running out of time, and his superannuation balance wasn’t even enough to last a couple of years, let alone give them a comfortable retirement. 


    He’d had his opportunities to invest before but hadn’t done anything about it, and he was kicking himself for not taking action when he could have. 


    And, of course, he now felt he was on his last chance. 


    However, with an annual income of under $100,000, and being the sole breadwinner, he didn’t believe he could do anything. 


    So he approached Freedom Property Investors to find out if he could turn their situation around by investing in real estate. 


    They analysed this couple’s numbers and created a strategy to get him into the market in a suburb they knew was about to boom. 


    And they found an investment there which was perfect for them. 


    A townhouse in Queensland. 


    The suburb they identified was Raceview, which their research told them was poised for incredible growth. 


    And they secured a townhouse for $365,000 with a rental income of $478 per week. 


    Because the rental yield was 6%, in the low-interest rate environment in June 2021 it was income positive, and this gave them plenty of buffer even if rates rose significantly (as they did). 


    Freedom Property Investors were right about the growth potential of the suburb because the property was reappraised in 2023, and it had …


    … surged a whopping 85%.


    Here are the numbers.




    This couple used their existing home to fund the deposit and legal costs of $50,000. 


    They purchased the property for $365,000. 


    The rental yield was 6%.


    Within 2 years, the property was worth $675,000. 


    The capital gain was $310,000. 


    And the capital growth over 2 years was an astonishing 85%.


    Be Inspired 


    These numbers might be impressive, however there’s something even more inspiring. 


    It’s that this couple were very much like anyone else their age. 


    3 kids, typical income, and nowhere near enough savings or super. 


    They’d made mistakes and missed their opportunities. 


    And financially, they were a long way behind where they’d planned on being. 


    However, instead of burying their heads in the sand and resigning themselves to their fate …


    they took control of the situation and made things better. 


    They took action. 


    They looked at their options, attended our online masterclass and talked to us. 


    Yet millions of couples just like them are going to retire in financially poor shape. 


    They’ll be lucky to have even paid their house off. 


    And this is why the big winners from investing in real estate aren’t the wealthy.


    The big winners are everyday Australians with big dreams who are prepared to act on them.