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    Brisbane: Australia's Emerging Cultural Hub and Investment Hotspot

    Have you ever considered moving to Brisbane?


    If you have, you’re not alone. 


    It’s Australia’s favourite new home destination. 


    Last year, the population in Queensland soared by 124,000 people, with 2 out of 3 heading to Brisbane itself. That’s a 2.3% growth rate which is enormous. 


    And all the while, the population of the traditional blue-chip states of New South Wales and Victoria both went down. 


    However, it’s not just a fluke. 


    Queensland has been leading the states for net migration for a number of years now, and according to ABS head of demography Beidar Cho, it’s getting stronger. 


    “Queensland has traditionally had strong interstate net migration, but it’s gotten a little bit stronger in recent years.”


    This is important because, to keep it simple, the more people there are, the more houses are needed. 


    And if they’re not getting built, there are more people fighting for the same number of houses … and it automatically increases capital growth. 


    It’s not just the great weather either. 


    Brisbane is shaking off its tag as a poor cousin to Sydney and Melbourne and has an emerging cultural scene bursting with world-class restaurants and entertainment. 


    Plus you can live closer to work and there’s a lot less traffic to fight.


    Speaking of which, the Brisbane City Council is investing billions in infrastructure to keep the city moving well into the next century. 


    There are new underground train networks rolling out, new stations and massive road projects all moving forward. 


    And the 2032 Olympic Games will see even more investment and incredible demand for rental properties driving rents and capital gains even higher. 


    However, unlike other Olympic hosts, Brisbane isn’t just building infrastructure for a 2-week sporting spectacle. It’s using the Olympics as a springboard to leave behind what could be one of the world’s most liveable, advanced and desired cities. 


    And right now, houses in Brisbane can be considered a bargain. They’re as much as 46% cheaper than the equivalent house in Sydney. 




    That’s a lot. 


    Plus the houses are bigger, on larger blocks and of course.… the weather’s great! 


    We’ve placed many clients in Brisbane over the years, and it always rewards them handsomely. Prices have risen 7.8% in the last year, and there’s been a fall in stock on the market by 12.2%. 


    And with a constant stream of new arrivals, the fundamentals are perfect for Brisbane to remain an investing hotspot for years to come.